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    Rooms close to Bargello

    By choosing to stay in a room at Aqa Palace, you’ll have the unique opportunity to stay close to Museo del Bargello.

    This cultural hub is situated only 110 metres away from the hotel and can be reached in just a minute by foot by walking down Via dell’Acqua towards Via della Vigna, and then Via del Proconsolo.

    Lodged in what used to be Florence’s palazzo del podestà (the palace of the chief magistrate), this building is dedicated to sculpture and belongs to Museo del Bargello, along with Cappelle Medicee, Orsanmichele, Palazzo Davanzati and Casa Martelli.


    Choosing one of Aqa Palace’s rooms close to Museo del Bargello allows you to quickly reach a charming museum with an extensive, world-renowned collection of Renaissance statues. You’ll find masterworks of Michelangelo, Donatello, Ghilberti, Cellini, Giambologna, Ammannati and many more, in the courtyard and porch and on the inside, in the elegant exhibition rooms, halls, chapels and open galleries. You’ll also discover a section dedicated to applied arts divided by categories, and admire 2500 art pieces that belong to Louis Carrand’s collection, all of which were donated in 1888.


    The museum spreads over three floors. The ground floor features the courtyard and Michelangelo’s hall (Sala di Michelangelo), whereas the first floor is dedicated to Donatello (the large Sala di Donatello) and boasts various galleries devoted to Islamic art, the Chapel, Sala degli Avori, Sala del Trecento and Sala delle Maioliche Italiane. The second floor presents the collection of Andrea and Giovanni della Robbia, Sala dei Bronzetti, Sala di VerrocchioSala del Medagliere and Sala dell’Armeria

    By booking a room at Aqa Palace close to Museo del Bargello, you’ll get to plan your visit with peace of mind. 

    Museo del Bargello is open on weekdays, Monday to Friday, from 8.45 to 13.30, and is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and on bank holidays. 

    The full ticket price is 8€.


    Book your stay in one of our rooms at Aqa Palace, close to Museo del Bargello.


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